Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The Right State of Mind

After the 29th October  I didn't get back to the gym again till 3rd December. However, I learnt something out of this.

After all the trials and tribulations about getting myself to the gym, suddenly on Saturday 3rd it was just effortless - I just woke up and felt ready for the gym. Since then it has just continued - I just wake up ready and wanting to go to the gym.

What changed? I'll tell you what changed. Friday 2nd December was the last day of a really difficult and stressful job. Before that I had eight months of stress not having a job and before that another difficult contract. Already, by 2nd December I had another job lined up. It's working for a company I have worked for before - they know me and value me, I know their systems and I'm really happy just now.

So the bottom line, the lesson to learn is, perhaps, that it's no good giving myself a hard time about the gym if the rest of my life is just shit. I should fix my life and my general state of mind and then the gym will follow. Not always easy to achieve, but probably true.

I will post a graph some time in the next few days showing how I am doing and I will see if the problems with the gym correlate with the work problems.

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