Saturday, 29 October 2011

Back To The Gym (Again)

Finally, I was back in the gym this morning and I was very pleased to be there.

You may well ask why it took so long from the go ahead to go there and I don't have a decent excuse - just a list of minor grumbles and figuring out.

This time I'm going to reset my targets. Not because I don't want to be competition standard or believe I can do it. Visualising my ideal body sounds like good goal-setting, but in reality it is very demotivating - it is hard to connect each individual gym session with achieving a goal that seems so far off it's almost a fantasy.

I am going to concentrate on what I call near term metrics. That is measure my progress in a way that every session makes a visible difference.

I will have a target for gym attendance each month and measure how often I get there. There's a chart on the kitchen wall that shows this and every morning I go to the gym I can see it gets me visibly closer to my monthly target.

My target is 18 sessions per month. So looking at it this way each session will make a difference and if I succeed in reaching near 18 for a couple of months only I will see a difference in my body too. I can focus on the near term metrics to motivate me, but I will still be working towards my longer term goal.

I am also going to focus on the key essentials to start with - getting to the gym regularly and eating only normally. The whole thing about eating 360g of protein a day and taking a long list of supplements is too daunting to get into right now and it's all pointless if I don't go to the gym routinely. I will build up to the nutrition plan as my gym attendance shows itself.

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