Saturday, 17 September 2011

M&S Minced Beef

Original Recipe
I'm not obsessed with M&S canned minced beef, but it is a very quick, easy and convenient way to have a high protein meal - all you need is a can, a can opener, a microwavable dish and a microwave and a tasty 70g of protein is ready to eat in just five minutes.
New Recipe

I discovered today that M&S have switched to a new recipe and here is a breakdown of the macro-nutrients.

Original RecipeNew Recipe
This is up about a third - a big jump in calories (or kilojoules).
53% of the calories come from protein.
Nearly a 14% drop in protein.
Only 35% of the calories come from protein.
80% more carbs...
of which sugars1.1g1.3g
..., but fortunately not such a jump in sugars, but it is about 18% more.
40% of the calories come from fat.
That's 75% more fat..
Now 55% of the calories come from fat.
of which saturates3.0g4.9g
... unsurprisingly the fat is largely saturated (this is beef, after all).
Fibre wasn't there before.
Equivalent as salt0.9g0.63g
About a 30% drop in sodium and the salt equivalent.
Country of originBrazilUK
Amounts are in grams per 100g of product.

In short the new recipe is made in the UK from British beef, but the nutritional profile has changed for the worse, which is a shame. This product used to be very lean and now it contains a lot more fat.

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