Friday, 22 July 2011

It Might Not Be A SLAP Tear

This week my hospital appointment came up. I was careless writing in the last post that my MRI would be coming up this week.

I had a good consultation. The consultant asked a lot of questions and examined me, asking me to move and/or push in certain directions and with my arms in various positions and handling my arm while it was limp. He  was good and thorough and not at all dismissive as I feared he might be.

He has arranged for me to have an MRI scan, but there's an eight week waiting list so it won't be until September. I have an appointment with him again to review the results.

He suspects it is not a SLAP tear. He explained how the joint works and what the glenoid labrum is (which I already knew), but then went on to talk about the biceps tendon that leads up into the shoulder joint capsule and joins the glenoid labrum. It was this part that he felt didn't quite match up with my symptoms. He has a theory that is an inflammation of the joint capsule and that implies that it may heal without surgery. Hooray!! -  I was so pleased at that prospect!

It has been getting better. I have been surprisingly good with the hot water bottles and place them around my shoulder when I get to bed each night - I've been doing that virtually every night since I was told to - there aren't many things I do that consistently! (as regular readers will know).

I had to cancel my osteopath appointment this week because of an important meeting ... that then got cancelled. Grrr!!! But it seems the osteopaths are doing well here.

Bottom line - I may be ready to go back into the gym sooner than I thought. Wouldn't it be good if it was healed by September? So perhaps I should be facing up to re-joining the body-builder routine already.

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