Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Good News - I Got A Job!!

At last, I have a job - I start tomorrow!

From there on I should feel much more settled and be able to resume the gym routine.

I will write something a bit better thought out some time in the next few days, but a few quick thoughts:

I am going to concentrate on deeds not words. I have done a lot of talking and writing about the plan, but not put enough into demonstrating what I mean to do.

However, if I don't write there will be no blog so I'm going to keep writing. If it seems like whingeing to you then that's a shame, but there may be others who are more like me and appreciate knowing what is going on in my head. I think there are certain challenges to picking this up in middle age (that being said I do think I am making more of a meal of it than is necessary).

I'm going to wait to see how the new job settles down before getting into the gym routine - I'm aiming for the first week of July. This is the first full time work I've had in nearly eight months - I think I will be coming home tired over the first few days.

I also still have a problem with my left shoulder from the dumbbell accident a few months ago. I went to the osteopath today and she reckons that it will take about two weeks to feel OK and six weeks to be fully recovered. She also gave me a schedule of exercises to do using a big rubber band.

More later...

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