Sunday, 20 February 2011

Will I, Won't I

During my time away from the body-building routine back in December I did a certain amount of thinking. I was getting up about 5am most mornings during the week so getting up early enough was not the problem, but there was something stopping me going to the gym.

One of the questions I asked myself was whether I thought I could do this. Whether, if I put in the effort, I could build up to something I could be proud of. I had to admit that I could. Logically, I could see that if I put the effort in then I would get the rusults out.

I realised that the question I should be asking wasn't "Can I do this?" but "Will I do this?".

It sounds easy to answer yes, but if you think about it it properly it isn't - think about it - will you:

  • go to the gym four or five times every week,
  • eat five or six times each day
  • prepare five or six meals each day so you can eat them,
  • do the stretch routine each evening (and for me the Pilates too),
  • spend the money on additional food and supplements rather than on holidays and other things?

Easy enough?


  • forgoing additional personal development, like getting an Open University degree,
  • forgoing pub nights and socialising that clash with the routine.
  • avoiding work that conflicts with the gym routine e.g. travel or long commutes,
  • spending nearly all your time either in the gym, working, sleeping, cooking, eating (meat, eggs, fish and protein drinks till you're sick of it)?

It means committing hours out of every week to this project in preference to getting more qualifications, meeting friends, etc.

This is why I took time to decide. Perhaps it sounds too dramatic. For family men who have wives and children at home it may not seem too bad. Any time they are at home they are spending time with their loved ones and their partner may help with the cooking.

Not wishing to sound like a moaner (again), but living on my own means that a lot of my life is going to be spent on my own which is not appealing. I will expand on this particualr aspect in another post.

My answer is yes, I will do this. I will find away to deal with the challenges using my focus, determination and persistence. I need to do this to realise myself and to release the inner me.

Inside this body of a pen-pushing nerd there is a champion body-buider bursting to get out!

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