Sunday, 13 February 2011

Henry Ford Model T Encouragement

29th December 2010
I take some encouragement from thinking about Henry Ford and his Model T.

It wasn't his first attempt, Model A, that was a success. It wasn't the Model B or the C, the D or the E. He kept going until he finally cracked it with the Model T.

The moral of the story is to keep going, keep trying and not accepting giving up as an option.

Which is a long winded way to write that after another month away I am back in the gym ... again!

I know you're all thinking "how long for this time?", but I do feel more inspired.

New inspiration comes from an excellent set of pictures that were taken by It's only my second modelling session ever and the first one where I have gone in fairly open minded and let the photographer do his stuff. Some of the photos show aspects of my body that I am not happy with and show me how I am compared to how I want to be.

Before you jump to any wrong conclusions. On balance, I am perfectly happy with my body and my life and I know how fortunate I am, but I also know I want to work on what I've got and fully realise my potential.

I hope I will get invited back for more photographs in a few months time and I want to see a visible difference in the photographs  by then.

I think I may have the gym routine licked. I did in November 2010. I think my next big challenge is eating. That's eating on-time every-time! I suspect that if I can keep to this then I won't start eating the wrong things because I am hungry without anything on-plan prepared and ready to eat.

- Yes, I know, Henry Ford created a Model A after the Model T - apparently it was such an advance that he wanted to start with "A" again and even if he didn't he would bump into "Z" pretty soon. You can read more on Wikipedia.

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