Sunday, 27 February 2011

Friends And Attitudes To Bodybuilding

While I was thinking things over in December and debating will I or won't I pursue body-building there was another line of thought.

How would this affect my friendships?

Over the years I have heard all the negative comments about bodybuilders - some of them from ignorance, some from jealousy perhaps, some are rude, some are worse - and it occurred to me that as I developed I would end up either becoming more distant or separated from some of my friends or have that feeling that there is a certain amount of nice-to-my-face-but-not-behind-my-back. Even my sister pokes fun at the bodybuilders who promenade in the city centre where she lives.

I think I have only met about three serious body-builders in my life. One was a boyfriend years ago and none of the three am I really in contact with.

How about making new friends? With body-builders or their admirers? I really don't think so.
At the gym I still hardly know anyone to talk to at all. I can't talk or chat and remain focused on what I'm doing and neither can the other serious weight-trainers. The only conversation is when you need to share equipment. There are some really nice people there to talk to and I wouldn't want to change them, but I have to mark in my log when I've delayed a set because I have been talking with them. However, it does genuinely cheer me up to exchange greetings with them.

On-line, on various websites, body-builders are unresponsive. I can imagine this might be because they get deluged with all manner of silly messages and, frankly, the routine must take up all their free time as much as it does mine.
When I have built up they may start noticing me, but if that were to happen then I'd know there was only one reason why they would be interested and that would be disappointing.

You know where I ended up.

The friends that count are the ones who are supportive and encouraging. If the others fall by the wayside then they weren't such strong friends. There are friends who want to see me do well at this and I should focus on them.

For a while I was bold enough to tell people what I was intending to do, but I think my original plan makes more sense and that is just to let them notice when there's something to notice and let nature take its course.

So disruption to my friendships is not a reason not to do this and it may just separate the wheat from the chaff.

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