Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Powdered Egg White

My pack of powdered egg white has arrived from MyProtein. I was hungry and contemplating my next meal when the delivery man arrived so I got straight into trying it out, but the first attempt was not a great success.


The recommended method is a 70cc scoop added to 200cc of water in a shaker bottle - then shake. When I took the cover off the result looked very like how you'd expect beaten fresh egg whites to look - very frothy, but not easy to drink.

I poured some into a glass and waited for it to settle then tried some. It really is not a pleasant taste. Note that the product is plain, unflavoured and unsweetened. I couldn't face more than a very little of it.


I poured the remainder into the liquidiser and added 1tsp cocoa and 1tsp sugar and it came out OK. I could still taste the original taste in the background, but it was quite drinkable. Surprisingly, it didn't come out of the liquidiser at all frothy.

Next time I will try a 60g portion (2 x 70cc scoops) in the liquidiser with cocoa and sugar and see how that goes. Even with the cocoa and sugar it makes a very high protein drink with very little carbs or fat and even then perhaps in time I can wean myself off the cocoa and/or sugar.

Update 6th January 2011
Today I made up the powdered egg white drink with more careful measuring.
In order to make a drink with 50g protein I used two 70cc scoops of egg white and 4tsp cocoa and 4tsp sugar then whizzed up in the liquidiser.
This combination was only just about drinkable. I may try it with more cocoa and sugar next time.
For some reason it frothed up today much more than it did yesterday and that made it difficult to drink.

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