Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Diet Review

Yesterday Marco came round to review my diet.

First he used his callipers to measure my fat at the twelve key locations. Then he factored in my weight and age and determined approximately how many calories I should be consuming.

Then he turned the paper over and reviewed my food diary and added up what I've been eating including the total number of calories.

Finally, he showed me the figures - what I should be eating on one side of the paper and what I have been eating on the other. The result was that I am consuming several hundred calories less each day than I burn. I have been so focused on the amount of protein I should be eating (which I know is short) I never thought to add up the amount of calories I have been eating.

The conclusion is that my layer of fat which is thicker than before is there because my body thinks it needs to store fat to keep me going through a food shortage and is burning up protein (muscle tissue) to keep me going.

This is so not what I want!!!

Marco will be reviewing the results and sending me a revised diet sheet, but it is likely to incorporate a burst of calories from carbohydrate straight after work outs. I will still need to eat a lot of meat, eggs and fish in order to keep me topped up and I need to be better at planning my diet and preparing food in advance. Too many times I go to the fridge when I'm hungry and just choose what's there and what's convenient.

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