Monday, 6 December 2010

Tablet Trouble

From left to right: FSC Super Multi Vitamins, B Complex 100 and B Complex 50
This past week has been an interesting experiment that I hadn't planned.

Part of my regular diet supplementation is a multivitamin tablet. It helps ensure that I get enough of key vitamins and minerals despite the unusual diet I'm on. However, the FSC multivitamin tablets from GNC are a bit big for me to swallow. I have always, since childhood, had difficulty swallowing pills, There's a reflex in my throat that just makes it very difficult.
My current approach is to put the tablet between my teeth and take a big swig from a big bottle of water and the force of the water ensures the tablet goes down. Last week even this proved to be difficult and I just gave up - till yesterday.
Yesterday I realised that my lethargy and my lack of attendance at the gym this past week might be linked to my not taking the multivitamins. (Like, duh!)
I took them yesterday and this morning and I feel so much more energised!

The moral of the story is don't skip the multivitamins - you might think you're getting away with it, but perhaps you're not (unless, of course, you're getting them all from your diet).

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