Thursday, 2 December 2010

Some Ideas To Help You Wake Up

The bedside coffee machine and the headphones (the iPhone is taking the picture).

Waking up in the morning has always been a challenge for me. Now that I need to be in the gym by 6:30am (having already had breakfast) this was almost too much of a challenge and was probably the biggest cause of missed gym visits.

Finally, I think I have worked out a collection of ideas that work for me and might provide some useful ideas for you. Please bear in mind I live alone. If you have a partner then some of these ideas may need more thought..

Light - I have a timeswitch that turns on the light on the other side of the bed at 'wake up time'.
Coffee - Also on the other side of the bed I have a small and portable espresso machine plugged into the time switch alongside the light. Two minutes after the light comes on I can reach over for a fresh mug of coffee. I try to drink all the coffee and within just a few minutes - it will take about twenty minutes for the caffeine to take effect. When it's cold I pull the duvet up around me while I sit in bed drinking the coffee reading my e-mail.
Music - While I drink my coffee I plug headphones into my iPhone and listen to a playlist I have carefully chosen to wake up to - fairly upbeat, but not too high energy.
E-Mail, Facebook, etc. - While I am drinking my coffee and tapping my toes to the music I check my e-mails on the iPhone. Since I go to bed (or incommunicado) so much earlier than most other people (and some friends are in later time zones) there is usually something interesting to read.
Knowing It Works - It's funny, but when the light comes on and the alarm sounds and I really don't want to get up I remember that in just thirty minutes I will feel bright and alert and I sit up and reach for the coffee. It really does work.

In the winter I hop out of bed briefly to close the window and turn the radiator on so the room is warmer and more inviting to get out of bed.

If you think this is a bit over the top or that thirty minutes is too long then you don't have a problem. This works for me and for the first time, probably in my life, I am able to wake up and get up on time.
This is also one of the main reasons that my gym attendance is so much better now.

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