Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Inspiration (John Amaechi and Mike Mentzer)

After having a great November I am having trouble getting started in December. I may sound like a whiny bitch (I prefer the word bastard), but if I didn't write how I feel then this wouldn't be the truth.

Sometimes this seems so hopeless, my goal seems so far off that each visit to the gym seems completely inconsequential.

Then yesterday I came across John Amaechi and the recording below from his blog. Some of what is so inspiring is that a fat, un-athletic boy from Manchester trained himself up to join the MBA. His planning was so meticulous that it took account of his self-admitted laziness. Hear it for yourself.

Awe inspiring!

My other source of inspiration that I have turned back to is Mike Mentzer.

I have both of these books and have started reading High Intensity Training again.

Mentzer is very clear in the first chapter about what it takes to become successful and what progress is realistic. He suggests a gain of 5lbs (2.27Kg) of pure muscle per year as a realistic goal.

This may not sound much, but if you set that against an average man having 20lbs (9Kg) of his bodyweight being muscle to start with it is clear that in just four years that would be doubled.

On the other hand gaining 2.27Kg of muscle over a year equates to a gain of about 10g pure muscle per day which either seems tiny or hopeful. Tiny since it is about the same amount as a square of chocolate. Hopeful because 10g per day becomes 70g per week becomes 300g per month.

Do read the book yourself, he is trying to illustrate the range of figures that are realistic and appreciates that the physically gifted can gain considerably more and some others less, but some of the supplement makers claims look ridiculous alongside these plain facts.

Mentzer takes a very scientific approach to the science of bodybuilding and I think this logical, rational approach suits me and will help me to understand where I am going and why.

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