Friday, 3 December 2010

Foods Under £2 Per Meal

A review of the cheaper foods - what they are and where to get them.

I am supposed to be eating 360g of protein each day. This is challenging because of the cost, the time to shop, prepare and eat and also that I have an inclination to miss meals rather than eat too much.

Here are some foods that cost less than £2 per 60g of protein.

Pilchards 94p - King of cheap protein.

Sardines, Tesco - 60g protein » £1

Corned Beef, canned, M&S £1.33
Note: Watch the salt content.

Protein Powder - Gold Standard, Optimum Nutrition £1.34 - Bodyshapers 
Who would have thought that per gram of protein this powder is cheap compared to real food - and it's convenient too!

Tuna Chunks, Tesco £1.40
Be careful not to eat too much because of the heavy metals.

Beef, minced, M&S  £1.50
This is the raw meat that needs proper cooking.

Minced Beef, canned, M&S £1.71
This is my standard breakfast - quick, easy and nutritious - tip into a bowl and microwave for four minutes.

Eggs, free range, Tesco £1.81 (cheaper by the dozen, don't by six packs).
Very nutritious, quick and versatile. They can also be hard boiled to eat as a snack later).

M&S Angus beef burgers on offer at £5 for 908g means £1.83 for 60g protein.
Note: These would normally be expensive, but with more than 33% off they are reasonably priced - 18g protein per 100g and only about 1g carbohydrate per 100g - these are good quality burgers and don't contain much filler and other stuff.

Protein Bar - Pro50 from Peak Body £1.93. (Dolphin Fitness)
This scrapes in under £2, but is an excellent choice of protein bar. Really convenient, tastes good and each one contains 50g of protein. My favourite flavour is chocolate orange.

Note - check prices carefully yourself before buying - prices and offers vary all the time.

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