Friday, 31 December 2010

Back To The Gym Again

After a good November and a really poor December I am back to the gym again.
Some may call it navel gazing, but I have been considering why I haven't been to the gym through December and I will post something separately about that.
I went to the gym on Wednesday at 6:30am, found they weren't open and went back at 8am and did arms & shoulders.Today I got up at the proper time, but the gym doesn't open till 9am so I have been reviewing supplement websites and placed a couple of orders. [Update: by 9am I had got really sleepy - sticking my head out of the window didn't wake me up - I just collapsed on the bed dressed as I was and slept for two and a half hours - not going to the gym now as I have things to do.]

I am interested in the powdered egg white sold by MyProtein and have ordered a bag of it. It looks like it is great value and will cost about £1 for a meal replacement of 60g protein. My hope is that I can get up to my 360g protein per day by consuming this instead of actual food one or more times per day. Not only, but also being egg rather than whey I will probably be able to digest this better because of my dairy intolerance. I'll let you know how I get on.

I have also discovered another shop on-line called Forces Supplements that appears to be great value and I have ordered the Optimum Nutrition whey powder from here and a box of Pro50 bars.

After getting to the gym regularly my absolute next challenge is to eat enough protein. I hope these products will help.


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