Wednesday, 27 October 2010

A Much Needed Kick Up The Backside

To tell the truth even I have been getting bored and frustrated with myself and not updating the blog because theres been nothing good to write.
I have finally, finally realised the truth that the world is divided in to those who do stuff and those who talk about doing stuff and I have realised where that puts me. I shocked myself the other day when I drew a chart of my gym attendance, visits per month, over the last two years and saw how awful my attendance has been. Poor attendance for no good reason. I also feel bad when I think of the number of times Marco has tried to tell me this and I just didnt get it.
Then when I woke up this morning I read the comment left by RockyButcheeks (on my post of 14th March) and it was just the kick I needed. Ive got to be not like me too and not be a whiny bitch anymore. Thanks, Rocky, for writing that.
So this morning I did go again (legs) and I will try to show the most consistent attendance I have ever achieved over the next few weeks.

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