Thursday, 12 August 2010

Sleep And Motivation

It's not been a good week and I have missed a couple of sessions.
My first thought is that I am not sleeping well and when I wake up I feel that I can justify turning the light out and pulling the duvet over my head. The lesson is not to go to bed when you think you should, but wait until you are sleepy.
The other situation happened this morning - I get up OK, have breakfast and get dressed, but cant summon the will to step out of the front door. Its like I am possessed by someone else in the morning.
I picked up one of my books by Mike Mentzer instead of going to the gym and read the chapter on motivation and it made a lot of sense.
I havent been giving my workouts much thought until I am on the gym floor and that seemed OK - I open my log book and carry on.
However, what I derive from what Mr. Mentzer writes is that I should be looking at the log the night before and planning ahead what I am going to do, what weights to use and reps to expect - kind of psychologically prepare for it and get into the right mindset.. So that is what I will try to do. I shall read more of Menzer as well.
Mentzer also mentions the author Ayn Rand a lot - perhaps I should look for him/her on Amazon.

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