Monday, 9 August 2010

Getting Back Into The Routine

This is just a quick update. I have done about six workouts now this time round. its been a bit patchy and not got up to the training frequency I need to yet, but I feel I am on the right track.
Sleep was always a problem, but I think I have that largely solved. Having a job and not worrying about money so much has been a great help, but I have finally realised that it doest work to go to bed early because you want to get up early - its the other way round - you can get to bed early if you got up early. I am now in a routine of waking up at 5am each morning and although there have been a couple of times I havent gone to the gym in the last couple of weeks. I had got up dressed and breakfasted before deciding not to go.
I havent gotten back to the diet yet. I am having minced beef for breakfast and a canteen lunch then eggs in the evening. Unfortunately, I get hungry during the morning and have to eat something - so I have been eating flapjacks! Not very nutritious. I should look at getting some protein bars, but I am wary of spending money too freely yet. I could, indeed should, be preparing something to take in with me. This company doesnt have microwave ovens so I cant take in the beef I used to re-heat at lunch time so I need to think of something I can eat cold - like a chicken salad. That will be my next thing to get organised with.
Supplements I am taking include Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard - I like this one and it has 5g of BCAAs per scoop which I hear are really good. I have bought some super multivitamins from GNC, but they are huge tablets so I have to break them in half. I am also taking Vitamin B complex and digestive enzymes. I am still having trouble swallowing the tablets without gagging.
I can feel my muscles tightening so I need to get in to the habit of stretching daily again and doing Pilates.

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