Friday, 23 July 2010

Another New Beginning

Yes, at last, I am back in the gym. Chest and back on Wednesday and shoulders and arms this morning.
The anticipation is much worse than the reality. Once I am in the gym I am so pleased to be there. I do really enjoy the weight training.
However, I need to give more thought to diet - at the moment I am having a can of M&S minced beef for breakfast and then an ordinary canteen lunch and then eggs or chicken in the evening. This morning, I got so hungry by 10:30 that I had to go out and get something - I got a multipack of Penguin bars. Perhaps not the best nutritional choice, but quick and easy.
Have you looked at Penguins recently - the chocolate variety not the animal - they are tiny.
Next work out is legs on Sunday morning. Im back now and I am more determined to keep to the five day cycle because I know it works. Im feeling a bit sore - as youd expect and I can feel my muscles have tightened up so I also need to be better at doing the stretch routine and the Pilates.

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