Sunday, 14 March 2010

Belated Update

I had a good little spate of going to the gym. Ten visits in close formation which was good - but havent been for about two weeks.
A number of things have happened, but working again (hooray!!!) has got in the way a bit. The job is only four weeks long (boo!) so I will probably back in the gym in a weeks time, but I am hoping to get started this coming week.
I now have a boyfriend who is charming, delightful and has lots of other qualities, but, as far as this blog is concerned he is supportive of my going to the gym and goes himself routinely too - which is wonderful.
Unfortunately, work and a new relationship added to an already busy life means it is difficult to try and fit everything in.
We were talking yesterday about musclebears and came to the realisation that I am not what most men think of as a musclebear. There, Ive said it now.
I guess there isnt a proper definition of a musclebear, but they are usually overweight and want to just put on bulk. I dont. I want definition and a flat stomach. Id like to be competition standard, but that sounds a bit like a vain hope at the moment. The only way I can appear to be serious is to demonstrate it by going to the gym and eating the right food.
I am also going to try and write this blog more often (famous last words).

Here's a comment to this post from the previous blog system:

I was all excited to see your blog. I was a bodybuilder 11 years ago and quit after my wife divorced me.
Ive learned a lot from reading your blogs; 1st: dont be a whiny bitch like you, just do it. 2nd: Theres really no excuse to miss your workout or eating unless youre in bed sick or ran out of money to eat. 3rd: If I decide to go for the BigBuild again, Ive gotta do it and not be LIKE YOU!! JEEEZUS!!
RockyButcheeks (27-Oct-10 02:57)

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