Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Best Attendance For Ages

I have now completed two cycles of the programme and completed six gym sessions in the last ten days.
This is quite an achievement. Attendance has almost been my biggest challenge and it is a long time since I managed as many as sessions as this in tight formation.
As it happens I am wearing the T shirt I wore back in 1982 when I started at my first gym and socks from that era too (I got behind with the laundry). I can tell I am a bit bigger around the chest and shoulders since back then, but, somehow, I feel that there is some significance as if I am on the on-ramp finally.
I dont know how many of you are finding the Value for Money Tool useful (under the Reference tab), but I am - it really is very difficult to compare prices and this makes it so much easier.
Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard (2.2Kg for £39.99 from Bodyshapersfitness.com) is cheaper than lean minced beef!! And it is really nice to blend and drink.

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