Monday, 4 January 2010

Falling At The First Hurdle

Today was going to be my first day back in the gym after the break.
On Saturday I had a long and interesting chat with a friend in a coffee shop, but I gradually felt more and more cold and I just ignored it. After we parted I walked home briskly and did what I could to warm up, but the damage was done. I had caught a cold. I still have it today and it clearly would have made no sense to go to the gym this morning.
I dont know when I will be better. I hope it will be tomorrow, but the sensible thing is probably not to go back to the gym till a day or so after I am near enough back to full health.
To add to the irony, one of the things we talked about on Saturday was about being cold and catching colds. The latest theory is that the cold virus lives in our noses fairly routinely, but is dormant at normal body temperature. If we let ourselves get cold and our body temperature dips then the virus starts to wake up and cause us problems. We refer to this as catching a cold. The best response from us is to keep warm and keep the body temperature up because this will stop the virus from causing trouble. I am also taking 1,000mg vitamin C each day to boost my immune system. Keeping really warm is difficult because it is uncomfortable, but if that is all it takes to get better it should be reasonably easy to achieve.
Look after yourselves and I wish you all a successful 2010.

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