Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Here We Go Again

As you probably guessed, I havent been to the gym in the past month. It just wasnt working out and through December there were a number of things that got in the way.
Looking back I think one common thread through my problems has been lack of planning and thought. Partly, I am skipping meals because I come to a meal time without having given any thought about what to eat until I get there. I almost open the fridge door expecting something to be there that wasnt before. I arrive at bed time with chores still waiting to be done and things on my mind when I should have planned my approach better.
I have cans of pilchards so far uneaten - my chosen cheap protein food - theyre not very appetising, but once I have drained and filleted them they are quite pleasant. What I think would be good would be to prepare a can or two in advance so when a meal time arrives I can just take a dish of pilchards out of the fridge and tuck in.
Evenings are going to be difficult - as I wind down to bed my friends are starting to get onto Facebook, e-mail, Skype and MSN. The answer to this is probably to be more proactive at the weekend. Plan to do stuff, plan to meet my friends and make things happen.
I will go back to the gym on Monday. I have prepared new pages in my training log and feel upbeat. I was wary of the legs routine back in October, but now I can see from my training log that I have been progressing with the legs routine just fine and am probably about ready to increase the weights again.
I will write again soon.

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