Sunday, 22 November 2009

Here I Am, Back Again

It was tougher going back to the gym than I had thought and I have had a bit of a struggle keeping to the routine. I have been through the five day cycle six times now - it should have taken me a little over four weeks, but it has actually taken eight.
It is difficult to get up at 5am in the morning, particularly if I havent slept well or was late getting to bed.
I had a bit of a wake up call last week. Marco came round for some help with his laptop and in the course of the visit he showed me how his new website is coming along. He showed me a page of his clients with before and after pictures. Sessions with Marco are always 1 to 1 so I never give much thought to his other clients, but clearly I am at the bottom of the class. Here were pictures of real men he has actually worked with showing actual results - it showed me how little progress I have made against what I could have. Not only that, but great as these men were, none of them are near where I want to get to.
Largely these men got to where they have because they followed the programme, they went to the gym regularly and they followed the diet. If I had followed the routine properly I could have been one of them.
It was then that the light dawned that I really must up my game. I need to get to the gym every morning that a workout is planned and only miss one if there is a very good reason. However, rough I feel in the morning I must haul myself over to the gym and do the workout - and train hard. Back home I must stop skipping meals - eat properly so that I dont get hungry and binge on biscuits.
For the remainder of this week I have managed to stick with my new resolve. Long may it last.
The actual workouts havent progressed as well as they could have, but I am increasing reps in nearly all of them nearly every session and moving up the weights when I can. I feel I am actually just taking up the slack up till now and only just now working with the weights that really push me. The seated calves raises are a bit of an anomaly - looking back I cant imagine why I am still struggling with 20Kg when I can only get about 10 reps done instead of the target of 20. Next time I will use 10Kg and see how it goes. The calf exercises are the only ones that hurt. All the other ones are a struggle, but I stop when I physically cant do another rep. With calves its when the burn is too much to bear.
By the way, I an updating Twitter nearly every day even if I am not always good at updating the blog.

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