Sunday, 3 February 2008

Initial Diet

At our second meeting, but first working meeting, Marco took various fat measurements using callipers plus my weight.
From this, analysing the amount of fat at various sites round the body and the ratios between them he deduced various factors that needed attention - including that I am pre-diabetic and allergic to carbohydrate. The first sounded a bit scary and the latter Id never heard of. He also reckoned I have too much oestrogen which also sounded scary and that I am allergic to dairy which I kind of knew already, but hadnt faced up to.
He noted that with my height at 6ft 2ins I have a big frame to fill. Which is true and makes this more of a challenge - I believe most of the top bodybuilders are average height or less.
In order to get me started on the right track he specified certain supplements and a nearly all meat diet.
The diet for the first fourteen days is all meat - aiming to get 375g (calculated as 2g per pound of body weight) of protein from meat per day (that means about 1.5Kg of meat) with no more than 40g of vegetables per day. He suggested eating just one type of meat per day - i.e. chicken all day, then red meat all day, etc. on something like a five day cycle. No fruit, potatoes, pulses or grains and no dairy. Nuts are OK. It was suggested that there be six meals through the day i.e. 6g of vegetables per meal (thats not even garnish).
This sounds a bit grim and challenging.

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