Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Day 7 - Eggs

Today its eggs. I like eggs, but somehow they lose their appeal when I eat six at one time - at least their not so chewy as meat.
In Starbucks this morning, I was eyeing up ... a fruit salad, with nice big chunks of pineapple!
This diet is more of a challenge than the weights!
Another six eggs for lunch. Just about finished them with a handful of salted nuts on the side. Plain nuts are OK, but the salted ones (left over from Christmas) are my vice at the moment.
I have realised also that I have missed my mid morning meal and am routineley not having enough meals. The inbetween meals will have to be be protein drinks - I cant contemplate how else. I need to be more rigourous with my routine too.
Mid afternoon - I had a protein drink and didnt look at eggs. The drink provides 60g protein.
I feel in perfect health which is interesting when you think I havent eaten any carbohydrate for almost a week. I must be running on protein and fat alone. I gave up on the 40g of vegetables per day once I realised how little 6g of lettuce was - there didnt seem much point in adding vegetables if it was going to be so little.
Ive bought some turkey for tomorrow.
Protein drink mid afternoon.
For dinner another six eggs, scrambled (no milk or butter of course) - who would think you would get to the point of not being able to eat any more eggs - theres no chewing required, but I just couldnt, couldnt eat the last few pieces.
Early bed tonight for gym tomorrow.

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