Sunday, 3 February 2008

Day 5 - Fish Again

I got up about midday as I was out late last night.
I ploughed into the supplements - vitamins C and E, digestive enzymes capsules, glucosamine, multivitamin (all with water) then fish oil and 5g of fibre in 500mL water - but half way through the second salmon steak I feel too full to eat any more and I need to eat that and a protein shake to get up to the 80g protein target for breakfast.
I wonder if I am doing something wrong here? This is OK for a Sunday afternoon, but imagine all this in a rush to get to work.
I can cope with the gym work, but the nutrition is really my challenge.
At least I have discovered that plaice and salmon steaks can be microwaved. Hurrah! fast food. Salmon steaks can probably be eaten cold too - very handy. However, if Im not careful this food will get very expensive.

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