Saturday, 2 February 2008

Day 4

I got up late this morning and hadnt really lined up what meat to concentrate on today, but I had a fillet of plaice left from yesterday so I had that for breakfast then three eggs and then a protein shake with 6g of l-glutamine - in a great effort to get enough protein in. That was all pretty close to the target of 80g for breakfast. I also took almost all the supplements including the 5g of fibre in 500mL of water and the 10mL of fish oil.
I appreciate what is going on here - Marco is guiding me towards optimum nutrition - getting protein from real food and supplements to help me digest it and keep healthy on a lop-sided diet, but I wonder how I could have done all of this if I was working at the moment? Eating, figuring out what to eat next and buying it seems to take nearly all of my time at the moment. I imagine this will ease off once I get into a routine.
Although I got up late this morning, somehow I seem to have more energy today - could it be because of the diet?

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