Friday, 1 February 2008

Day 3 - Fish

Today is fish day two cans of sardines for breakfast not really enough protein so I opened a can of tuna, but couldnt face eating it.
Another session in the gym with Marco on Workout 2.
Protein shake and l-glutamine when I got back.
Marco also clarified the dosing for the supplements so now I have a good idea what to take and when through the day.
Lunch was scrummy. Yesterday and Wednesday I found eating beef and chicken without vegetables, potatoes, rice, etc. heavy going. Today I had a couple of plaice fillets for lunch with a can of tuna. Very nice.
This afternoon I had to go out and so there was a gap between lunch and dinner.
For dinner I had a couple of mackerel. I also had the full works with supplements - fruit fibre, fish oil, vitamin C, enzymes. The fish was nice, but I felt ill for a couple of hours after.

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